Notes from Up North

Although we're not the northernmost supplier of gladiolus in the Western Hemisphere, we're pretty far up there! With that in mind, the annual letter which appears in our catalog is called "Notes from Up North." Generally we convince Paul to write it while Elisabeth and the rest of the Cates Family Glads team work on inventory and creating the price list. It's our way of keeping in touch with our loyal customer base.

January 2009

This growing season was too little of this, too much of that: first too dry, then too wet, but at least bulb harvest time had decent weather. As always, our prime New Year's resolution was no new glads! We have too many already. But, what with our Maine bulb auction, etc., we wound up with the usual 50+ trial varieties, plus a very interesting crop of new seedlings.

Our efforts to reproduce hard-to-find old-timers are showing excellent results as shown in our listing. Several others are on the verge. Some will be listed next year. A number of varieties from previous years' catalogs are not listed this year, but may still be available in limited supply. Feel free to ask!

Our Maine show this year was held in memory of society president Dorothy Martin, who passed away just before the show. She would have appreciated the number and quality of the blooms. Of newer show glads, Santa's Little Helper was especially impressive.

We are looking forward to the '09 growing season, except that I fear we will once again succumb to temptation and break our usual New Year's resolution.

The Cates family is well, including yours truly, despite senior moments like an accidental flying dive from the shed steps while shoveling deep snow, and a similar dive, backwards onto a firewood-carrying wagon in our basement. Oh well! Life is great as long as you don't lose your sense of humor.

We truly appreciate all of our customers, and are privileged to provide you with a unique list of glads.

A happy and healthy new year to you all!

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