Cates Family Glads Gift Certificates

Interested in purchasing a gift certificate for Cates Family Glads bulbs? They're available for all recipients living in the US! Just call or email us with your request to get the ball rolling. Once we've received payment for your gift certificate, we'll put it in the mail as soon as possible.

If you purchased or received a gift certificate prior to 2015, you may notice that it looks different from the one pictured here -- no worries, it's still good! Please just make sure that when you return it with your order, you send it to 17 South Stanley Hill Rd, East Vassalboro, ME 04989-3500 instead of the address printed on your pre-2015 certificate, as our mailing address changed in the fall of 2014.

The above is an example of a Cates Family Glads gift certificate. The actual certificates are filled out by hand and will, of course, not be watermarked with "VOID." Get yours today! They're available year-round and never expire.