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As in previous years, our price list has been organized into two categories: heirloom and general varieties. Heirloom varieties (25 years or older) are listed first, in alphabetical order, followed by a link to the general listing on the bottom of this page. Please note that the price listed is per bulb.

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Heirloom Varieties
Includes varieties introduced 1992 and earlier.


Curtis, 1979
L or M: $1.00 SOLD OUT

Apollo (AA)

Fischer, 1970
L or M: $2.50


Hedgecock, 1946
L or M: $1.50


K+M, 1954
L or M: $1.50


Baerman, 1969
L or M: $1.50

Early Highlight

Rupert, 1973
L or M: $2.00


Griesbach, 1971
L or M: $1.00

Fun Time (AA)

Fischer, 1984
L or M: $1.25

Golden Age

Summerville, 1983
L or M: $1.50

Green Isle (AA)

Roth, 1979
L: $2.00 SOLD OUT


Larus, 1969
L: $1.50


Curtis, 1989
L or M: $2.00 SOLD OUT


Roberts, 1980
L or M: $1.00

Nu Gromov, Pogodi!

Ciplijauskas, 1991
L or M: $2.50


Roberts, 1981
L or M: $2.00

Pompeii (AA)

Fischer, 1965
L: $5.00


Summerville, 1984
L or M: $2.00 SOLD OUT


Kollasch, 1990
L or M: $2.00 SOLD OUT

Snow Princess

Pfitzer, 1939
L or M: $4.00

Summer Rose

Coon, 1975
L or M: $1.00

True Love

Baerman, 1969
L or M: $2.00


Wa/Mo 1978
L or M: $1.50 SOLD OUT

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